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Many people go into college having no idea what they want to eventually do. I was not one of those people.

I went to university to become a real estate agent. 

I have two very distinct parts to my personality. On one side, I am a very spontaneous extrovert. I love people. I am fascinated by others' experiences and perspectives. For more than 10 years, I "earned" a report card that religiously stated, "too talkative". Finding a new home or selling one,  your fresh start should be thrilling, and I want to help bring that excitement to my clients' transactions. However, college was not only a social party. I am also a very competitive, driven, and analytical person. Understanding information is crucial, especially when aiding clients in one of their most important transactions. Knowledge in accounting and finance is a must. At the end of the day, homeownership is a massive investment. That being said, my four years at Gonzaga University was spent pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance.

​While many of my peers started to plan their way into the public accounting sector, I proceeded to make my way into the world of high-end Real Estate. I spent the summer going into my sophomore year shadowing and assisting an agent from Avenue Properties (now Compass) in downtown Bellevue. Here, I took on the back office of real estate, assisting in the transaction management process that happens behind the scene. Over the following year at school, I spent hours researching: looking at neighborhoods, houses, and searching for successful agents, in the hopes of finding mentorship. And so I did. Many people were super supportive, and guidance was given freely and kindly; however, I felt that I was still swimming with floaties on. I didn't want to sort emails, I wanted to help clients sell and buy their homes.

The summer going into junior year, I decided to take another approach, scoping out the world of commercial real estate. I joined 7 other peers in CBRE’s internship program. Here, I worked in the Property Management sector of CBRE services. I networked with numerous directors and chairmen. While it was an amazing experience within an incredible company, with driven and knowledgeable agents and co-workers, I missed the personal connection that I find so important and welcoming in the residential industry.

Senior year, as my friends were starting to prepare for the CPA, I was on the hunt for a team to join post-grad. I had convinced myself that my age would inhibit my ability to secure my own clients. While most anyone in the world attempted to reverse aging, I was wishing I was older. Seems silly doesn't it?

This May, I graduated from Gonzaga, earning my degree with Summa Cum Laude honors. In the hope of following my dreams, and trusting others will see past my age, I have decided to start my own team. I do not have 30+ years in the real estate industry, but I have been preparing for this moment for years. I am part of an incredibly successful, and well-established brokerage, Windermere Bellevue Commons. With the backing of the Windermere staff and fellow agents, I am ready to be your agent.

Young, passionate, and driven.


I was born and raised in the tiny town of Stellenbosch in South Africa. I am the baby in the family, growing up with two older brothers. I grew up in a bilingual family, speaking English and Afrikaans. In 2012, my parents packed us up and we moved to the United States. Yes, I do retain a slight accent. We first settled in Bothell, where I attended Northshore Junior High. After four years in the States, we finally bought a home in Kenmore. I attended Inglemoor High School up the road, and eventually went back and forth to Spokane.

Now after 8 years of living in the United States, it truly feels like home.

I feel I know the rush/panic/excitement of a fresh start. I have felt the sadness of leaving a place with wonderful memories. I have felt the nerves of not knowing a new community, not having close friends to guide me. I have experienced the long search for the perfect home, and all the frustration that comes along with that.

I would love to be your partner, make this move exciting - as a fresh start should be!. I am new to the industry. I come with a whole new perspective, approaching an old, well-established, but overcomplicated system in a fresh way. I am driven and determined (trust me, I survived two semesters of Tax courses).

As you enter into one of the most important transactions of your life, choose someone that understands the magnitude of it on your life. You are not just another client, a notch on a belt. Let me prove it!


Shani Brummer

Windermere Bellevue Commons

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